Using Salvage Yards in Lubbock for Parts – FAQ

Using Salvage Yards in Lubbock for Parts - FAQ

After tiring of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for auto repairs from a car dealership, many Lubbock residents come around to shopping for parts at salvage yards. If this is your first time making the switch from dealer-supplied parts to salvage lot parts, you make have some questions about how salvage yards in Lubbock operate. If so, check out the frequently asked questions below that address the concerns of many first-time salvage lot customers. Do salvage yards list inventory online?

Yes and no. Professionally operated junkyards that have a business website commonly provide hyperlinks to an online inventory. The issue is how frequently the inventory is updated. This is why it’s a good idea to call salvage yards in Lubbock to see how recent their online inventory is. Do you have to pay to enter a junkyard? Usually not. Charging a fee would present a business obstacle for the salvage lot. People visit junkyards to save as money as possible. Having to pay what amounts to a “cover charge” just to enter the junkyard would quickly turn some of the most frugal customers away. Is it possible to get a warranty for parts? It’s unusual to find warranty options for used auto parts, but some salvage yards offer them. The warranties are usually affordable (e.g. $1 per part, per day) and can be applied to almost any part. For most, the value of the warranty is that it lets them insure a part long enough to see if it works properly. A warranty period of between two weeks and a month is usually sufficient. Is it safe to pull parts from lemon cars? Professionally operated junkyards buy lemons, then remove the parts and/or operating systems that qualified the vehicle for legal lemon status. After the bad parts are removed, it’s fine to pull parts from the vehicle. What’s more, the parts are often almost like new. Based on state laws, most vehicles that receive lemon status have less than 25,000 miles on the odometer. Do salvage lots assist with pulling parts?

Yes and no. Practically all junkyards require you to use your own tools to remove anything you can use them to remove. For an object that hand tools aren’t much help with removing – such as an entire engine – some junkyards provide assistance. For example, a junkyard might provide an engine pulling A-frame to help you lift the whole engine from its compartment. Conclusion The questions above are commonly asked by drivers who plan to use salvage yards in Lubbock as a source for auto parts for the first time. For answers to additional questions, contact a professionally operated salvage yard in the Lubbock area today.

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