10 common fashion style mistakes to avoid

Although men’s fashion is simpler than women’s fashion there are still many ways men can make a style mistake. From mismatching styles to improper tie length read on to explore the biggest faux pas in men’s fashion.

  1.     Improper tie length

    Your tie should come to an end around your belt line. If it is much longer or much shorter than this it can look juvenile and incompetent.

    2.      Not tucking dress shirts

    Dress shirts are formal and should be worn tucked in. They are made to be long so that they can be tucked in without coming out when you sit down.3.      Tucking tee shirts

    Tee shirts are casual and are supposed to be worn untucked. The exception to this is polo shirts which are a touch more formal and can be tucked.

4.      Deep v necks

Deep v necks always look unattractive on a man if they are five inches deep or deeper. A regular v neck top is absolutely fine, but steer clear of deep vs.

5.      Loud shirts with graphics or writing

Loud shirts usually look obnoxious. Older men usually look ridiculous, while even younger men look immature and silly wearing a loud shirt. A much better shirt choice is a classic shirt such as men’s Farah shirts from experts like

6.      Pleated khaki trousers

Generally speaking, pleats are unflattering and should be avoided. Flat fronts are usually more flattering if you are on the slimmer side. However, pleats can sometimes flatter larger figures.

7.      Cargo shorts

Big pockets can look messy and cargo shorts can also look juvenile. Chino shorts are a much better choice as they are slimmer and neater fitting. You will always look scruffy in cargo shorts, just like a mayor who was turned away from a restaurant for wearing them.

8.      Short sleeves and ties

Wearing short sleeves with a tie is a big no-no in men’s fashion. This mixing of casual and formal does not look good. Unless it’s a work uniform you should steer clear.

9.      Badly-fitting clothes

Clothes should fit your body size perfectly. Well-fitted clothes are always flattering, while anything too big or too small can look sloppy.

10.     Mismatching styles

Do not mix formal and casual styles together. It is unclear whether you are dressing up or down, so stay away from formal clothes with jeans or a dress shirt with cargo shorts.

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