3 Lessons for New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be a challenging road, even for the most experienced businessman or businesswoman. With many hurdles to overcome, it can be hard to balance present action steps with a broad future vision. To keep yourself from just being a “wantrepreneur” (i.e. an entrepreneur who never gets past the dreaming phase), keep in mind the following lessons that successful entrepreneurs have mastered.

Start Somewhere

One of the best pieces of advice that many veteran entrepreneurs will give their novice counterparts is this: just start somewhere. Although starting a business can seem like a never-ending tangle of legal documents, business licenses and paperwork, it’s worthy advice to just pick a task and start there. Countless resources are available for new business owners, from free mentoring through entrepreneurial social media groups, to tutorials on everything from website building to tax filing and everything in between. Many entrepreneurs resonate with the challenge of “building the airplane as you fly it”, so you’re in good company. If you have any friends with small businesses, consider having a conversation to ask them what some of their initial steps were, and go from there.

Prototypes Matter

Depending on your industry, you might be developing a product (or several) for your company. if this is the case, whether you’re writing a book or working on tool design, you’ll eventually need a digital or physical prototype of your product. If you have the skills, you might be able to develop it yourself, but you can absolutely outsource this task via freelance marketplace platforms. However you go about it, don’t overlook this critical step in your business’ journey. A little investment in a well-developed prototype will have a huge payout for your business in the long run.

Keep Networking

Though it may seem to be an over-preached message, good old-fashioned networking can be a make-or-break element in your entrepreneurial journey. When you introduce yourself to a new person, be sure to mention your budding business. Even if you’re just getting started, you never know when you might be making exactly the connection you need to take the next leap in your business. Beware of downplaying whatever it is you do. Speaking about your business with confidence may help you win your next industry partner, client or business fan.

It can be a challenge to take the first leap of faith into entrepreneurship. With a little bit of boldness and encouragement from others who have been there, you can keep the momentum going and truly realize your wildest entrepreneurial dreams.


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