Open Your Company’s Doors With a Bang With These 3 Steps

Once you’ve secured capital from your investors, you’re ready to put your business plan into action. As you choose your opening date and secure premises, make sure to take care of these three jobs so your first day is a success.

1. Choose Your Vendors

Well in advance of your first day, you need to establish relationships with suppliers in your area. No matter what products you manufacture, use the same vendors every time you need materials so that you don’t have to waste time finding new suppliers. Also, vendors are more willing to give you special offers if you regularly purchase their products. Whether you need raw materials such as plastic or a compressed air system Jacksonville FL, finding vendors must be at the top of your to-do list.

2. Prepare Your Products

Now that you have supplies from your vendors, create the products that you outlined in your business plan. It’s not enough to just make the items you want to sell, though. Design packaging for each item, and use your logo or a similar color scheme on every product to unify your brand. Then, attach barcodes or price tags so that people know how much everything costs. Finally, don’t just throw everything onto shelves the night before you open. Instead, purchase tables and create fun displays that show off your newest items. Decorate your counters, shelves, and floors with paint and stickers to draw your customers’ eyes to areas they might overlook otherwise.

3. Market Your Company

All your work will be worth nothing if no one comes to your store on your first day. A few months before your opening day, begin an aggressive marketing campaign. Create a website either with the help of a web designer or through a host company such as Wix or WordPress. Hire freelance writers to create search engine optimization articles based on your products, and purchase pay-per-click ads from search engines. Create accounts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and begin posting content as you get your store ready. The more you engage with potential customers before your store officially opens, the better.

You have so many jobs to handle before your company opens that you’re completely overwhelmed. While your next few months are going to be some of your busiest ever, if you prioritize these three tasks, the rest of your duties will be much easier.


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