Phone Booths: The Ideal Office

The office is an ideal working space but at times one needs utmost privacy in order to work efficiently. Gone are the days when everyone used to be comfortable in an open office, these days the office phone booth is an excellent place to concentrate. One of the companies providing excellent phone booths is Thinktanks phone booths. This company provides safe and reliable office phone booths for the modern work space. These booths are sound proof, secure and conducive for working. In addition to this, they are also controlled thermostatically with their own cooling systems. These office phone booths are also portable, in that you can move them around in the office or to any other location that you might be comfortable in. This clearly facilitates productivity in any office for those workers who need their own privacy in any setting.

Features of An Office Phone Booth:

The office phone booth has various features that modern employees and architects prefer. They include the following: flexibility, space, privacy, convenience, and productivity.



The office phone booth is versatile. In that it can be placed anywhere in the office building where it’s needed. This means that it can be used by anyone who needs it for the time. It is portable and can be carried at any time.


This invention allows the office to save on space. In that it can be placed anywhere. It will allow a number of people to carry on with their work without necessary interrupting any the office layout which was previously installed.



Having an open design office layout is the modern employees dream. This is because it allows for open door policy and sharing too. However, some tasks like interviews, phone conversations and writing some reports require privacy. This is where the office phone booth becomes handy because it allows for this to happen in any open design office layout. This makes it quite handy and convenient especially in a crowded office layout.


The modern office booth is quite convenient. It beats the rush of wanting to use the conference room alone or the rush of wanting to reach home for that private conversation. It’s also convenient in the way it’s assembled. In that it doesn’t require a lot of expertise to assemble anywhere. This ensures that you don’t have to employ costly construction tactics just to put it up. You can assemble it on site within an hour.


An office booth may not be limited to one person. It can also be a meeting space in case you decide to have a bigger pod. This can ensure that some groups of employees with similar work goals can exist within one setting. There are also times when an important employee may fall ill just before submitting that important report. Instead of cutting short their work, they can always seclude themselves and complete the report.

Psychologically research has also pointed out that some employees have better mental health when they are secluded. The office phone booth will ensure that they shut down all the noise and work independently. With the above points in mind, the office phone booth might just be the future of the modern open working space.

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