Planning Your Glock Upgrade

One of the great joys of improving your marksmanship skills is the gradual adjustment of your equipment to perfectly fit your carry needs and shooting style. The best build for a given firearm is always going to be a matter of personal taste and objective goals, so the key to making a great upgrade plan is understanding what you want to do and what upgrades will support you best.

Improved Targeting

The right upgrade to your sights can make a huge difference in any shooting scenario, but not all scenarios call for the same tactics. Red dot optical sights are a great way to understand exactly where you are pointing, but on their own they don’t provide magnification, so their range is limited by your own eyesight. Of course, most people upgrading gen5 Glock pistols are looking for short to medium-range targeting, so the additional magnification provided by a full scope is not likely to be a utilitarian choice. Magnifying reticles, on the other hand, could provide just the right amount of clarity to allow for pinpoint targeting.

Carry Essentials for a Comfortable Draw

As you plan your carry, think deeply about how your firearm sits and where you have to reach for it. Competition holsters prioritize ease of draw and convenient location over stealth, whereas concealed holsters attempt to balance the two. Finding the right storage for your weapon means having it at hand smoothly when you need it, and since many pistol competitions require you to draw from the holster, a comfortable, correctly sized choice that seats the Glock in an easy to reach spot is essential. The less motion you need to get up on a target from a fully holstered position, the better.

Additional Magazines and Other Accessories

Sights and holsters are essential for any firearm customization, but they are only the beginning. Additional magazines, either with stock capacities or additional rounds, are very common since they allow you to prepare for several rounds of shooting without stopping to reload between each. That lets you use your time at the range more efficiently, it keeps you prepared during competition, and it provides extra ammunition quickly in the field if you use your firearm for hunting support. Most Glock owners would not be keen to work with a pistol as a primary hunting firearm, but as an additional carry for dangerous game, like wild pigs, it can be a great insurance policy.


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