A Comprehensive Guide to Post Graduation And Ph.D. Studies

A Comprehensive Guide to Post Graduation And Ph.D. Studies

You’re done with your bachelor studies. And your brain is asking the next logical question: What next? Should you get a job and work experience, or do you want to pursue postgraduate studies? Of course, the answer depends on several considerations, not the least of them, your financial constraints. To help you answer the question, this article shall evaluate and list the options available to graduates and post graduates to pursue the next step in their higher education.

Should you or should you not Unlike Graduate Studies, there can be cons along with the pros to pursuing your Master’s or Ph.D. So ask yourself if you really need a post-graduation or Ph.D. and whether you’re up for it. a) Do you need it? Now, largely, the answer to this question depends on your field of study and interest. While for certain professions, a post-graduation or a Ph.D. could be absolutely essential, in many other cases it is not really necessary to pursue your chosen career stream. Although as a rule of thumb, postgraduate study improves your job prospects, but it may not always be the case in your field of work. Instead, it may be more important to get relevant work experience and learn from your industry peers. b) Are you up for it? Be assured, post-graduation is only going to get tougher. The more specialized your degree our course, the more you would need to study. And if you’ve chosen to do a Ph.D., be prepared to spend long hours in the library researching and writing for your theses. Post Graduate studies require commitment, and if you’re not ready for it, you would do well to rethink your options. How to Finance your Postgraduate Studies There is a misconception among students that education gets costlier the higher you study. But in a lot of ways, postgraduate studies can be less expensive than graduate studies. Below are a few options to help you fund your Post Graduation or Ph.D. a) Scholarships and Fellowships While there are plenty of scholarships encouraging students to help students graduate, Graduate Scholarships and Postgraduate Scholarships, though rare, are readily available too. These can include industry-specific scholarships, scholarships based on academic performance at the undergraduate level, and more. Many of such scholarships are in the form of Fellowship, where the financial aid offered is tied to research work in the chosen field or some other strings attached. b) Internship and Research Work Since graduate students are specializing in their field rather than learning about it for the first time, they do have more options to pay for their tuition through work. An internship, additional research work, or taking up a teaching assistant post in the University they’ve enrolled in is an attractive option. Students can, thus, pay for their tuition while working in the University itself.

c) Part-Time and Online Options Unlike your undergraduate degree, there’s always an option of taking up your post graduate studies part-time rather than full time and supplement it with work experience in your chosen field, which can also help you pay for the tuition costs. Additionally, Graduate Students also have online options available to them – one of the most popular post graduate degree, an MBA, is regularly offered as a 100 per cent online course by many top universities. An online degree, if suitable for you, can reduce your education cost substantially. For students who are wavering between pursuing post graduate studies or a Ph.D. based on the cost alone, remember that money should never be a hindrance to a good education. Register on Buddy4study website today and find graduate scholarships or post graduate scholarships you’re eligible for.

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