Importance of Strategic Marketing Management For Digital Marketers

Importance of Strategic Marketing Management For Digital Marketers

Importance of Strategic marketing management for Digital Marketers Strategic Marketing Management or customer relationship management or tactical marketing strategy and performance plan it’s known by different names but eventually, the functions of all of them are similar. It came into being as the marketing was pretty wide and varied covering different channels. To keep same voice and coordination between different company departments that interact with customers a Strategic Management is required. As marketing becomes a vast field where we have online marketing along with off-line channels it is imperative for a company to maintain one voice across all channels.

As a digital marketer, you should know what your customer service is actually conveying to your customer after they buy your product/service. Are the complaints taken seriously by the Customer Service? Social Media is small world any complaint not attended can lead to full-scale PR problem for your company. So it’s important that your customer service conveys what’s the current pain point for the customer which you target to promote audience engagement. Strategic Management is a coordinator between six different departments of marketing and sales of company 1.Customer Service 2.Distribution partners 3.Sales 4.Strategic Direction 5.Marketing Analytics 6.Marketing Communication 1. Customer Service Customer Service, sales and distribution partners come under a single roof of creating a coordinated strategy for the last stage of the marketing funnel, the sales. 2.Distribution Partners Distribution partners should also be in-line with your core company values and the message you want to convey to the customers. It’s important that you have coordinated effort with them to reduce customer friction. 3. Sales For any audience to convert from lead to customer we need a sales team which knows Core Company values and understands the current market. All the potential leads need to personally convert for better conversion rate. A digital marketer plays an important role in the sales. 4. Strategic Direction Strategic direction would depend upon your goal for a given year, quarter or even a month. A digital marketer should be prepared for any goals set by the company. 5. Marketing Analytics

It includes both offline and online marketing channels that you have targeted. It would mean that you have to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) for each marketing channel. Marketing analytics for digital marketing would also help in the calculation the customer life time value (CLV) with regards to company products/ services. 6. Marketing Communication For a digital marketer it will allow all the communication for marketing through a simple voice of keeping things within the company policy and value.

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