Why do we Need to Pick Organic Potatoes Over Conventionally Grown?

Why do we Need to Pick Organic Potatoes Over Conventionally Grown?

Being one of the most commonly used vegetable potatoes are found to be favourite of numerous individuals. This soft and taste vegetable marks its origin in south Peru however today, it is widely loved across the globe. There are 5000 varieties of potatoes spread worldwide which is used in various cuisines. Potatoes not only taste good but also carry countless nutritional benefits which suffices everyday body requirement. Being a powerhouse of energy potato are beneficial to the skin as well as immunity system. Potato carry 17% of starch while 70-80% of water which is enough to break the misconception of consuming potato causes obesity.

HOW DO POTATOES BENEFIT YOUR BODY Potatoes are loaded with minerals like zinc, magnesium and calcium which takes care of your bones alongside being a low sodium vegetable it also helps in keeping blood pressure under control. This vegetable also prevents cancer since it is consists of folate that plays a role in DNA synthesis and repairing. It is also a commendable source of vitamin B6 which enhances the metabolism rate of the individual and boosts the immunity system altogether. Including potatoes in the diet regularly also ensures cleaner skin as it shields against the damage caused by sunrays, heat, pollution and other factors. HOW DREADFUL CONVENTIONAL POTATOES ARE Conventionally grown potatoes however are laden with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and other dozens of chemicals. A report prepared by USDA suggests that there are 35 different pesticides found in conventionally grown potatoes. These 35 pesticides are consist of 12 such pesticides that could cause hormone disruption while 7 of them are neurotoxins. The report however also states that over exposure to pesticides causes retarded growth or increase in the weight of kidney and liver. Potatoes are root crops which enables them to absorb all kinds of chemicals that are sprayed r drained in the soil later on. The test conducted by USDA 2006 concluded that 81% of conventionally grown potato that were tested contained pesticides even post washing and peeling. In fact it was clear that one of the highest amount of pesticides contents was found in Potato out of the 43 fruits and vegetables that were tested.

DO WE HAVE A SOLUTION? You must be wondering that there is no way to get rid of these damaging effects upon the body however organic potato are here to prove you wrong. One of the best way of safeguarding yourself from the atrocities caused by conventionally grown potatoes is to opt for organic. Needless to say there are countless complications regarding our health can arise if we continue consuming the food that is loaded with pesticides and chemicals that hamper our system. But when it comes to organically grown potatoes those are completely free from such side effects. Organically grown potatoes do not have traces of pesticides in them and they are nourished with natural substances in the period of their growth which makes them cent percent safe to consume.

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