Five interior hacks to hide an exposed boiler

You spend ages decorating and colour coordinating your home, only to notice your unsightly boiler is taking attention away from your fabulous decor. This is a common problem for many, as boilers are made with functionality in mind rather than style.

Energy giant npower conducted a study and found that an astonishing 68 per cent of people are put off buying a home with an exposed boiler. The study also revealed that half of those interviewed would try to knock money off the asking price. If you want to hide your boiler, here are five great hacks.

Use a curtain

A great way to hide your boiler is by hanging a curtain or some fabric over it. You will be able to access the boiler, but it won’t be noticeable. It is important to use a curtain that matches your decor.

Tidy up the pipes

If you want to tidy up your pipes, you can use casing. Casing wraps around the pipes and gives them a neater look; however, it is essential to ensure that your boiler has the correct ventilation. You should buy fireproof casing and ensure your boiler is still accessible.

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Chalkboard cover

This is one for the creative people. Build an MDF frame with hinges at the side and box off your boiler. You can then use chalkboard paint to make it look more attractive and blend with the room.

Put it in a cupboard

It can be difficult to find a unit that will accommodate your boiler, but it can be done. If you are willing to get creative, you can tailor one to the required size. Use MDF to create a swing door, then paint it your desired shade.

If you are planning to buy a new boiler, you should wait before you make a cupboard. Boilers come in different sizes and you don’t want to under or overestimate the space you will require. If you are looking for boiler installation Gloucester, try a company such as

Create your own unit

Space is important and nobody wants a cluttered home. You can design a custom unit to fit your boiler and other items around the room. This saves space and is practical for storing items such as ironing boards.


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