What You Should Know about Folder Capacity and Why It is Important for Your Folder Orders

Many businesses today rely on printed material suppliers and providers to give them excellent, customised printed materials which they can use for their roller banners, presentation folders, brochures, flyers, and booklets, business stationery, etc. But amongst all the printed materials you can make use of for your business, folders are quite important as they serve a variety of applications.

You can place brochures or an informational booklet within an A4 or A5 folder and hand it out to your clients, or you can make use of folders to hold your presentation papers and documents. Your clients can re-use these folders (especially if they are sturdily-built), which is a great way to promote your business as well. But when you are ordering folders for printing, there is such a thing as folder capacity. So, what is folder capacity and why is it essential for your folder orders? Let’s find out.


Why it is essential to choose the right capacity for your folders

If you are ordering folders for a specific purpose, you should choose the right capacity because if the capacity of the folders is too small, the folder might not be able to hold all the papers or documents you want it to hold. If the capacity of the folder is too big, on the other hand, it will have a sparse look, which isn’t attractive, either. You want just the right capacity when it comes to your printed folders, so you can maximise their use and only spend what is needed as well.

Folders with a capacity of 0mm

Technically speaking, if the folder you order has a small capacity, it will not have a spine (also referred to as a gusset). That means that it will have a 0mm gusset. It doesn’t imply, though, that it will not be able to hold any sheets of paper or documents. A folder with small capacity can still comfortably and conveniently hold about six sheets of paper, especially standard paper used for copiers and printers. If you need the folder to hold invoices, contracts, etc., you can opt for folders with a small capacity, as they are often ideal.

Folders with a capacity of 5mm

There are also folders with a capacity of 5mm, and this means that the folder will have a spine or gusset which is 5 millimetres in width. If you opt for a folder with a capacity of 5mm, it can conveniently hold about 40 sheets or pieces of regular or standard paper. Many people choose folders with a capacity of 5mm since it can carry a good amount of paper (e.g. data or information) without appearing too bulky. You can use folders with a capacity of 5mm for substantial document handouts, for event details, and for welcome packs.

Folders with a capacity of 10mm

Folder with a capacity of 10mm will have a spine or gusset which is (you guessed it) 10 millimetres in width. A folder with such a capacity can conveniently hold around 70 standard paper sheets, and they are ideal when you want to present an extensive report and provide clients or other individuals a lot of in-depth details and information about your company.

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