Medical Stock Photos and Advancements in Production

We have all experienced a waiting room in some type of medical facility. You may be at the dentist’s office and have noticed the pictures on the wall that depict a person smiling for dental implants or liners. You may also notice the pictures of before and after treatment photos. If you are at a chiropractor’s office, you will most likely encounter pictures of the human body. These pictures will include the musculoskeletal system as well as the bones. Many pictures in a chiropractor’s office also show the spine and skull and how the nerves relate to those bones. It is not uncommon to find the same medical stock images in a massage therapy room. Massage therapists and chiropractors often purchase their display pictures from the same whole sale companies. Doctors’ offices and veterinary care offices area also places where you will notice these stock photos hanging. In some cases, you may see the same picture in one office and then notice it in another.

Just as teachers shop for their class room supplies in the same stores; doctors also furnish their offices from the same type of stores. You may walk into a child’s classroom and notice the alphabet proudly hung above the chalk board in quirky bubble letters. Later you may stroll into another class room and find the same alphabet. Those teachers most likely shopped at the same class room supply store. Doctors and their staff purchase their waiting room furniture and their decorative yet informational wall decor from the same medical office supply stores.

Photographers that take pictures of models posing for certain medical pictures sell their photographs to whole sale companies to be mass produced. Every year new photos will be submitted, and mass produced to adorn doctors’ offices walls. Some pictures are more graphic then others. Some pictures appear more as x-rays and are ideal for doctors to explain certain procedures to their patients. Other photographs are poses to show a before and after. This will help doctors to explain visually that a procedure will impact a person’s life in a positive way. Many photographs are associated with text that highlights certain medical terminology or procedures next to the photograph. This makes it easier for a patient to fully understand what a doctor is telling them about their health. A very common photograph in many general practitioners’ offices shows lungs. The lungs are from a healthy person and then another picture will depict the lungs from a smoker. This visual will help make patients aware of the choices they are making in their personal life.

Many doctors’ offices will update their decor and refresh the pictures that are on their walls. As new medical advancements are made, and new technology is introduced the pictures will depict new procedures and results. Just as the medical field is an ever-evolving industry; the medical photography and supply field is also always evolving and changing. The advances in camera lenses and photo processing techniques allows for more thorough and descriptive pictures medical staff can utilize.

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