Tilt and turn windows: the ultimate in ventilation

Although the hottest days of summer are now past us, most households will still benefit from improved ventilation as the months get colder. Cooking smells, pet odours and the daily activity of a busy life, all combine to make adequate ventilation for a healthy, happy home.

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Whether you simply want to cool a room down or fully air out the house, tilt and turn windows are ideal for letting your rooms ‘breathe’ and for removing the stuffiness that can otherwise build up in your home or office. Traditional windows aren’t always suitable for use in some buildings, especially new builds where the window may face onto a terrace or small balcony.

How do they work?

Tilt & turn windows are highly flexible in that they can be opened either vertically or horizontally, using the tilt or turn motion. They aren’t limited to opening to one side or another like a casement window, or simply sliding up to allow air into the room, like with a traditional sash window.

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Their flexibility means that you retain total control over the amount of incoming air. This can simply be a small amount through a slight gap left at the top of the window when you want that fresh and airy feel throughout the day without letting the cold in. Alternatively, when you want to invite as much fresh air into the building as possible, you can fully open them up. Find out more at: https://www.firmfix.co.uk/windows/tilt-n-turn-windows/.

The key benefits

This type of window is popular for three key reasons, especially with newer properties. Firstly, they can be fitted facing onto a terrace or small balcony, found quite commonly with new build apartments. By opening inwards, they will not take up any of the space on the terrace or balcony, allowing it to be used fully. At the same time, they have generous openings and allow in plenty of natural light, helping to bring your interiors to life and ensuring that your view of the outdoors isn’t obstructed in any way – https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/homes-and-property/interiors/sort-it-poor-ventilation-can-have-serious-health-consequences-1.2829959.

Last but not least, they are easy to clean because they can be pulled inwards for easy indoor cleaning, rather than needing to pay a cleaner to do it for you. Another benefit is that they are free from any maintenance needs and can be found in double or triple-glazed options.

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