Aftertaste the Happiness of Brazilian Carnival

Aftertaste the Happiness of Brazilian Carnival

Did you have a nice vacation during the Brazilian Carnival? In those four days, the wind of carnival is blowing to the every corner of Brazil. Men and women, young and old put on their most gorgeous dresses and makeup, dancing and singing, parading on the road. All of them stopped their works to celebrate this great festival. The number of citizens and visitors participate in might exceeds over million. If you take part in it, your worry, fatigue, and even your status would totally be left behind.
Carnaval is the most famous holiday in Brazil and has become an event of huge proportions of people’s life. It is said that the consumption of beer accounts for 80% of annual consumption. Generally speaking, Brazilian Carnival is held from February to March every year. And during holiday people make themselves up and become others who are totally different from themselves and avoid presenting their own personality. For instance, man hope to possess the features of woman; the introverted women catch this chance to dancing fanatical dance, trying to imitate the quicker and powerful movement. For such large population surging on the road, the unhappiest might be the police.
As is know to all, the hottest, happiest and most important activity is certainly samba. Since the 16th century, samba is spread with Negroes from west cost of Africa to Brazil, absorbing the music art style of Portuguese and Indian. Dancer’s every muscle is shaking when dancing samba. So Samba is different from the general graceful dance.
If you are hurry to catch the automobile, train or plane, leaving yourself not enjoying in this journey, it is a good idea to keep some music full of local favor into your computer, cellphone, psp, ect. As for music, Bahia is the most developed and important place. It is the most real embodiment of Brazilian tradition and Carnival spirit, filling with music and dasnce everywhere.
The typical music of Brazilian carnival well know to all are Samba and Axe.
After having been sent to the underground due to styles like disco and Brazilian rock, Samba reappeared in the media with a musical movement created in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Fortunately it is still one of the most popular styles of Brazil, together with Samba-pagode and Samba-reggae. Tested within the height of Carnival heat, Axe songs have been commercially successful in Brazil throughout the past decade. But how to download the music to your computer in order to aftertaste the place and the holiday you’ve ever stayed? Hidownload is recommended, it can help you get the song URL and successfully download the music and video you prefer. While sometimes the music format is not fit for your iPad or iPhone as your will, StreamingStar Technology Inc. develops a converter to transform the file format. Almost all the formats can be transformed to the appropriate one, including the mp4, m4v& mov supported by iPad, iPhone, mp4 and avc by PSP, and wmv by Zune. Interesting video and songs suggested watching and listening, they are as follows,
Salvador, Brazil – carnival 2012
Ai, se eu te pego

Wish you have a nice journey in Brazil. There are much more popular music worth downloading and recalling. The company offers a free trial and provides discount during the holiday, go and have a look.
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