MedSFA Makes Pharmaceutical Marketing More Streamlined

MedSFA Makes Pharmaceutical Marketing More Streamlined

MedSFA is a Pharmacy Sales Force Automation tool works is a internet based application where the users can log into the system from any internet cafe and perform various tasks such as Daily Call Reports Submission, Tour Program Submission, Stock & Sale Statements, Inter-Office Communication, etc. The head office can view and manage all the reports at a glance anytime. It is a CRM solution that can streamline and help clarify the complex interaction between doctors, patients and treatment options. It is a Medical CRM that takes care of Marketing activities, campaigns, mass emails, and marketing collaterals. Salesbabu MedSFA has lot of features like Daily Call Reports, Doctor Calls Submission, Samples & Gifts Distribution, Stockiest & Chemist POB, Marketing Meetings Info, Daily Expense Details, Next Day’s Call Plan etc. It has other features like M R Activity Reports, Visits Disparity Report, Missed Doctor Calls, and Doctor Samples/Gifts Report. Target Products Vs Samples Issued. Medical CRM also takes into account the tour programs and expense statements. It handles the complete Account Management. It takes care all the Medical enquiries and also the Opportunity management. It takes into Account the Product Database where all the information relating to the Products is stored and retrieved quickly at one place. It also has the Search facility by which products can be easily searched by the different principals. It takes care of Commissions management, case and incident management. It gives Quick Reporting System, where any kinds of reports are present by just pressing the ‘From -Date’ and ‘To -date’. It also enables Forecasting. It is a Web Based Service and the data is available anytime, anywhere you have a Web Browser. Salesbabu MedSFA is very easy to Set-Up and it is a Must tool for Pharmacy Companies. SalesBabu is based in Bangalore, india.

It has more than 600 clients all over the india. is a process driven CRM company, offering a wide range of end-to-end services in the SFA, CRM, ERP and other solutions and services domain. Our Motto “Robust Solutions For your Organizations” reflects our dedication towards serving our clients. Our Products range from SalesBabu CRM, Fortitude, web ERP, SalesBabu On Demand Service Management, SalesBabu medSFA to SalesBabu PayPLUS. The SalesBabu CRM simplifies Sales & Marketing Efforts & in-turn boosts Sales with an excellent support from the SalesBabu team. Fortitude, web ERP, integrates all business processes across your entire company – including finance, sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing and operations. It streamlines all processes and collaborates across all departments without the need for a large IT infrastructure so that you can focus on your business. SalesBabu On Demand Service Management delivers the visibility, control and automation needed to deliver quality service, manage risk and compliance, maximize return on investments, and accelerate business growth. SalesBabu medSFA makes Pharmaceutical Marketing more Streamlined. SalesBabu Solutions are easy to use, enables faster return of Interest, increases growth and sales in the Organizations and productivity in the record time. Salesbabu solutions are On-Demand Solutions, that can be accessed from anywhere where internet is available.

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