What Can You Do With Nanobubbles?

Nanobubbles may sound cute and harmless, but they actually pack a punch. Water treated with nanobubbles, paramagnetic nanoscopic oxygen bubbles less than 100 nanometers, that can remain suspended in water, takes on vastly different qualities than that of “normal” water. The science is still ongoing, but distinct benefits are becoming apparent in both daily life and industrial sectors.

Your Brain

In the sports world, the benefits of nanobubbles have caught on early. Athletes in contact sports often have to worry about repeated concussions leading to traumatic brain injury, so they are always on the lookout for the latest in health science. Luckily, scientists have discovered that one cause of this is a buildup of tau protein in the brain, which is toxic. It’s been observed in clinical trials that nanobubbles can inhibit tau protein molecules, as well as pro-inflammatory molecules, and may even cross the blood-brain barrier. These results have been seen on mice, in-vitro and with human subjects. It’s been reported that the football player Russell Wilson is a fan.


Nanobubbles can increase the efficacy of almost any cleaning solution or method. They can improve the killing capacity of all disinfection solutions produced using treated water. They can also improve the process waste water treatment and water purification. When nanobubble water is used, steam cleaning and pressure washing become more effective, as well. Not to mention their application in leather cleaning, carpet cleaning and pool cleaning. Turns out, they can even been improve washing machines. These little bubbles are cleaning maestros.


Plants benefit from oxygen, and typical irrigation systems often inject dissolved oxygen into the water to boost plant health. However, dissolved oxygen inevitably rises to the surface and escapes. This isn’t the case with nanobubbles- they can remain suspended in water for long stretches of time, increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches the crops. After the produce has been harvest, nanobubbles are also effective for cleaning produce before it is shipped, reducing the need for the toxic chemicals that are normally used.

Who knew that tiny pockets of air could change so many industries so drastically? These applications are just the tip of the ice berg, there’s also cosmetics, meatpacking, alcoholic beverages, paint products and oils. The potential for nanobubbles is endless, so go do some research and find out if nanobubbles could improve your industry, business or personal life. Most likely, they will- they can do anything!

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