PM Awas Yojana – What is The Lpg Ecosystem For a Healthy?

PM Awas Yojana - What is The Lpg Ecosystem For a Healthy?

If seen, the income of each person in India is at its second place compared to its four times the South Asian neighbours, but still, it is said that the cylinders of Pakistan Gas (cylinders Petroleum Gas or LPG) in Pakistan and Nepal are in India. The more, however, that is 40 percent more in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Many difficult challenges for the development of all these countries have cut the bullet. Keeping an eye on all this, the Narendra Modi government has taken a new step to increase LP this week.

And they declare that the government is increasing this week by 4 rupees per month, which the doctor has ordered, and as soon as the fortnight will be reported to increase the price of kerosene 25 paise. And then it is also said that the government does not have the only barometer of commitment. The cost of cooking gas itself is to increase the cost of the services itself, in fact the government will have more than anything else, all the people who are living in rural areas Providing the facility of LPG Gas to all, the ability to invest in infrastructure, make services-revenue models efficient and viable, while simultaneously subsidizing By increasing the economically qualified category, the Government has reached LPG from the perspective of social, health and environmental. It is said that according to a study of the entire World Gas Association, changing from LPG to LPG reduces the net carbon emissions by 67 percent and according to another estimate, it is also said that there is an annual non-LPG family And in them there are 8 cores – 10 is the equivalent of wood consoles, so it is believed that the spread of LPG is very much in the environmental benefits. Many such rocking fuels that cause diseases like many diseases like asthma and bronchitis, such as burning wood and cow dung, are said to be at serious risk, so why are important LPG connectivity for health? This is a sensitive issue which especially affects the livelihood of the poor. Because it protects them from market prices and helps throughout life. And it has been seen that last year LPG and kerosene alone lost Rs 20,000 crore in LPG and the central budget has separated 25,000 crore rupees for the subsidy of the oil sector. Indeed, subsidies in households The use of LPG cylinders was limited and in the end 12 under political pressure, which pulled things back into a class because to set up annual quota of 6 After the total number has been up to 9

Under the, a separate approach has been adopted by limiting the amount of subsidy from each cylinder; subsidy is decreasing in proportion to the price of the cylinder. And also said that best wishes have played a very important role here as a fall in crude oil prices. The government is trying to remove people from the subsidy.

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