Real Estate RD Clifford Associates – RDC Appraisals

Real Estate RD Clifford Associates - RDC Appraisals

RD Clifford Associates is a name to reckon with in the realm of commercial real estate appraisals in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We have been operating in this business since 1990, handling commercial real estate appraisals of different sizes and for different purposes. Post appraisal, our clients get a detailed report with all the necessary information they may need and a valuation that is accurate. There are three principal methods to assess the value of a commercial property like a shopping center, an industrial site, a large apartment complex, or an office building. Cost, sales comparison and income capitalization. Of the three methods, it is the latter that is chiefly used to gauge the worthiness of a commercial property. The reason for this is rather plain: the primary purpose of acquiring such an asset that is ‘not owner occupied’ is to generate income. What is the role of the commercial real estate appraiser? A commercial real estate appraisal is undertaken for a variety of reasons: to establish the valuation for mortgages or other loans, determine an appropriate sale price, help settle an estate in the event of death or divorce or assess property taxes. A commercial real estate appraiser will determine the highest and the best use of the commercial property after which the value can be determined. He will examine the property for its capability to provide a positive annual return on the capital. He will determine this by considering the rent the property can be expected to earn, the market value of the land or site and its resale worth. Commercial appraisals are quite unlike residential appraisals – more subjective to the appraiser’s interpretation, as they are based on the value of the property including its income generation and location. We are at your service Our service covers New Jersey, Metro New York, and Philadelphia as licensed and certified operators in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. We are a full-time appraiser along with staff appraisers. The time we would need for the appraisal would depend on the complexity of the property and scope of the assessment. There are no time limits for the validity of the appraisal as the value is based on a specific date of the appraisal. Our fees vary widely depending on the subject, scope and intended use of the report. Our goal: to consistently provide exceptional quality in research, appraisal, valuation and consulting services, at competitive market rates. We have earned customers across the business and service spectrum: Churches like First Church of Christ Scientist, Financial Institutions like ABN Amro, Columbia Bank and Commerce Bank, Lending & Mortgage Companies like Amerisave Mortgage Corporation and CIT Small Business Lending Services and Government Agencies like New Jersey Department of Transportation and New Jersey Green Acres Program. Even Law & Professional Firms, Municipalities, Real Estate Appraisal & Services and US Corporations like Hertz Corporation and Nissan Motors Acceptance Corporation are witness to our expertise and experience.

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