Enjoy Friends Life T20 With an Ease

Enjoy Friends Life T20 With an Ease

There was time when the British people use to play a game with the help of flat plank of wood and a ball. They use to hit the ball with that plank. At that time, the game was only played in the streets. But with the passage of the time the game gained popularity and now the game is played between different teams of the world. This game is called as crickt. Every year the crcket fan increase with multiple of ten. The criket game rules were first formulated on London. After that a committee was formed which organize different matches and rules for the crickt game. This committee is called as ICC. During the past few years the game has gained immense popularity. In today’s world, the criket game is rated among the top games. The cricet game is played between two teams. Every team has eleven players in them. The game starts by winning the toss. The team who wins the toss decides to bat or ball. The team the give the target to other team and that team has to chase the target. In the world of criket, world cup is considered as an important event. Wherever the world cup matches start in town, the crickt fan leave al their important work to watch the cricket match. They change their schedules so that they can watch the live cricket match.

To watch the cricket match, a fan has two options. Either he can go to stadium to watch the match or he can watch the match through some other means. To go the stadium and watch the match is not possible for every person and thus many of the person opt the second method. Nowadays the science has advanced itself so much that now a person can even watch the match while sitting at his home. He can get the cricket live scores from his home. During the days of cricket match, the sale of electronic media also increases. The people buy big TV screens to see the match and organize various parties with their friends to watch the match. Nowadays the internet also broadcast the love cricket scores. These cricket live scores board are not less than a blessing for such people who cannot watch the match in their homes. Friend’s life T20 cricket is one of the important events of the criket world. The series is the England series and the matches are played among the different teams of England. The fans of these series are also numerous in numbers and the people wait for a long time to play these matches

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