Four Reasons NBA Games are Epic Events

October marks the official beginning to the NBA season. Fans all across the nation unite in a shared love of basketball. No matter which team you root for there are many reasons to go see a game live and experience the action first-hand. See the nation’s best players compete for the season’s championship. From delectable concessions to top-notch gameplay each NBA game is always an epic event. 

Concessions that Don’t Play 

Every arena has their own unique concession stand menu. The classics like hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, burgers, and pizza are still available but many locations have chosen to upgrade their offerings. For example, the Milwaukee Bucks have a brand new stadium and menu to match. The Bucks will be focusing on offering local fare from regional restaurants and locally made craft beer. Phillips Arena, home to the Atlanta Hawks, is further changing the concession game by offering “Fan Friendly” priced concessions menu where there are 12 items priced $5 or less. Check your local team arena to see what special treats they offer.

Music that Hypes the Crowd 

The second you walk into the arena the music gets your heart pumping. While watching the game the lively tunes add to the experience. Let’s not forget the impressive halftime shows with live music courtesy of famous artists, performers, and bands. It’s like a two-for-one, a free concert and an exciting game altogether. The music will be so good it’ll have you dancing in your seat! 

Mascot Madness 

Our favorite costumed characters always have a few tricks up their sleeves. Thrilling stunts are always entertaining for people of all ages. Mascots are also famous for their signature dance moves that liven up each event. Children especially love meeting, hugging, and getting their picture taken with NBA team mascots. It is a great family bonding experience to create memories together. 

Professional Gameplay 

Let’s be honest while everything surrounding the game is simply the cherry on top, it is all about seeing your team play. Those magic moves, insane 3-pointers, and intense moments are what basketball is all about. Top players showcase their skills while being team players. You don’t want to miss any of this year’s top plays instead, see those highlights in person as they happen. You may want to buy NBA tickets here to see the best of the 2018-19 season. The championship winner will have to battle it out to retain their title or give another competitor the opportunity to take home the glory. Don’t miss any of the action as the best players in the nation test their skills against each other.

Sneakers on the court, passing the ball, jump shots, the occasional foul, and skilled dunks make basketball an exhilarating sport. Attending NBA games with family, friends, or coworkers never disappoints. Tasty concessions, live music, hilarious mascots, and, most importantly, skilled basketball play add to the ticketholder experience. Weeknight or weekend support your favorite NBA team and enjoy every second of the game.

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