Get Refunds For Late Deliveries?

Get Refunds For Late Deliveries?

Late delivery of packages can cause untold agony – more so, if the parcel is a Christmas or wedding gift. But businesses are devising different formula to compensate for the belated package deliveries. You may be able to obtain some of money back if you did not receive your packages on time – a poor consolation indeed. Several suppliers/ shipping companies tender unqualified apologies for the delay – which again is not of much help. The scenario can be pathetic if the belated delivery package contains some emergency medicines. No amount of monetary compensation can undo the impairment to one’s health. United Parcel Service (UPS), America’s biggest package carrier, admitted that it failed on a few occasions to deliver packages to consumers on time. The affected customers using UPS air or international services will be eligible for refunds once they lodge a formal complaint on their toll free number. However, there is no guarantee for packages sent through ground services.

The customer service at Amazon is no doubt impeccable but Amazon is also operated by humans and therefore occasional belated package deliveries are inescapable. But Amazon generally offers a new Kindle or gift books that are in some proportion to the loss caused due to delayed delivery. Amazon also refunds a part of the shipping charges on a case to case basis. Amazon is exercising constant vigil and trying its best to improve belated deliveries. FedEx admits they are often overwhelmed by the last-minute shipping volume. They also blame the weather conditions for delayed package deliveries. Fedex may not have a uniform policy but deal with affected customers on an individual basis. FedEx claims they are fully operational, and their team members are working overtime to deliver packages in time. FedEx as a team of 300,000 members that is extremely diligent. According to FedEx website their money-back guarantee cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The various departmental stores have their own individualistic compensation terms for delayed packages delivery. In most cases, there is a good faith dispute between the customer and the shipping company regarding delayed deliveries. The problem of delayed deliveries is real and there is nothing much the seller/shipping companies can do beyond offering some cash refund or gift coupons. Some overly annoyed customers refuse to accept goods that are delivered late. This will obviously put the shipping company to great loss. Customers must also be fair-minded when refusing to accept delayed deliveries. There are some sellers that wisely state they are not responsible for delayed deliveries and refuse to entertain claims for refund.

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