Slow Pitch Softball Bat Regulations in 2014

Slow Pitch Softball Bat Regulations in 2014

With so many new games coming up every day and more participating entering, it seems that there has become a need to amend certain rules and regulation in every type of game in which the huge participation in involved. Talking about the best Slow pitch softball bat regulations in 2014 or for some other equipment, it is extremely important to make sure that the level of playing for all the players who are involved is made mandatory. Talking about the slow pitch softball bat, it is extremely important to follow certain rules and guidelines to make sure that the overall integrity of the sports remains secured.

If the payers opt for some kind of illegal altering, then it may hamper the performance of the players as well. To ensure that all the compliances with regards to the Best Slow pitch softball bat regulations are med, you should know certain things about the following aspects which include: Know the Length and the Weight As per the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) and the International Softball Federation(ISF), the shape of the bat should always be round and smooth with the length not more than 34 inches. Besides, the length of the bat should be less than 38 ounces if it is for ISF and if the bat is for USSSA it should not be more than 31-1/2 ounces. Talking about the diameters for both the sports unity, the a bat’s diameter is restricted to 2-1/4 inches Approval Stamp No matter whether the organization like USSSA or ISF are approving the bats for the further play, it must be labeled with the seal of the name of the manufacturer who have made the equipment. If the seal is available then the equipment becomes approved or official by the respective organization. Material matters too No matter whether the payers would be playing for USSSA or ISF, it is the material of the bat which should also be considered. The bats can be designed from the material like metal, plastic and hardwood and limited with the pieces of hardwood which must be smooth and slid. However, the bats must be

closed with the barrel end and the portion of the knob should also be sealed properly so that it remains as the tamper proof. Other than this, the performance standard should also be counted and the Bat Testing and Certification Program sis also considered as the part of regulation. Once the bat fulfills all the basic categories and clears the quantitative examination, the certainly, you can enjoy the game.

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