Allow Your Brain To Develop Before Writing Your Newsletter,

Allow Your Brain To Develop Before Writing Your Newsletter

“Why Do You Really Want To Write?” Now there’s a question and a half! Let’s say that I placed a long beam on the floor and asked you to walk from one end to the other for a fiver. Would you do that? Of course you would. It’s easy. You’d be across the beam before I could say… “GO!” One minute the fiver would be waving around in the air, the next it would be in your sky rocket. Now, let’s say that I raised the beam three foot off the ground. Would you walk along it for a fiver, now? Maybe. But I reckon you’d be a bit more hesitant. Also, you’d be slightly slower getting across due to the increased pressure. Unless…unless I upped the stakes to a tenner. Then you’d be just as quick as before, probably. So make the note… As the stakes go up, so does your speed and confidence. Now let’s take a giant leap and increase the pressure immensely. This time I’ve placed the beam in between two sky scrapers in New York. I’m stood at one end with a tenner sticking out of my lughole and you’re stood at the other. Would you come across now? “Not on your life guv!” I’m not at all surprised. But what if I had a briefcase full of crisp £50 notes! A total of £1,000,000.00. That’s ONE MILLION POUNDS! A lifetime of hard work just for crossing the same beam you did for a fiver. “Ermmm…Sorry… nope! Get knotted” Once again, I’m not surprised. After all, it’s hazardous. You might get killed, might you? There’s a lot of wind that far up. It would take a lot of courage to even look over the edge! This is where I get evil. This time I’ve got one of your children on the other side. (Let’s call him Johnny.) I’m dangling little Johnny over the edge. He’s screaming for you, “HELP ME, I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” If you don’t come across, I will drop him and he’ll go splat on 8th avenue. Would you come across now? “Damn right I would. And kick your ass too!” Okay, okay, it’s only an illustration for crying out loud! What I’m trying to show you is that if you can discover a strong enough reason or ‘force’, you can and will do anything. And fast! In a while, you are going to discover what these forces are and how to use them to motivate yourself to do any writing assignment you need to. But first, I want you to believe that the beam on the sky scraper is just as easy to cross as the beam on the floor. (Metaphorically speaking, of course!)

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