Visiting Salvage Yards Near Belton – 4 Mistakes People Make

Visiting Salvage Yards Near Belton - 4 Mistakes People Make

By the looks of them, some junkyards seem to be places where anything goes. At most professionally operated junkyards, this isn’t the case. They look like places where you should act professional and polite, and they often have strict safety rules. Nevertheless, as the following examples show, some people inadvertently go to the junkyard with trouble in tow. 1. Using Flame Cutters Flame cutters are highly efficient at what they do, but they pose two problems when used in junkyards: They could cause fuel and oil residues on the engine to ignite, and they could damage parts that are in close proximity to the part being cut. You’d be hard pressed to find salvage yards near Belton that permit you to to use a flame cutter. 2. Not Bringing Tools A flame cutter is one tool you shouldn’t bring to a junkyard, but practically any other type of hand tool is welcome. Because junkyards expect you to “pull your own parts”, it’s essential to bring your trusty toolbox along. Otherwise, you’ll find the component you need and have no way to remove it. The only tool junkyards provide is an engine pulling A-frame, which removes an entire engine. 3. Arriving Inebriated This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it can be a hairy situation. Asking someone to leave salvage yards near Belton because they’ve had one to many is often interpreted as an insult by the person. Add in the reduced inhibition that plenty of alcohol consumption brings, and the situation can go downhill fast. 4. No Protective Clothing You don’t have to wear top-level personal protective equipment (PPE) like you would find in an industrial setting, but you should protect your feet, eyes, and hands by wearing closed toe shoes, safety glasses, and tough work gloves. You can find these items for a fair price at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and similar types of home improvement stores. Conclusion There are all kinds of mistakes you can make at salvage yards near Belton, with the ones above being common. To avoid actions that could get you kicked out of a salvage lot, inquire with the business to learn about its safety rules. Salvage lot rules are usually a pretty short list, but what they prohibit benefits the salvage yard, you, and, in many cases, both. For more information on how to prepare to visit a salvage yard, contact a professionally operated junkyard in the Belton area today.

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