Winter Essentials

You may have seen my first Winter Essentials post last month featuring the fur collared leather jacket (back when the temperatures were a tad higher, sniff, I miss my Oakley sunglasses), but this time it’s all about the wool coat and the platform boots. I’m an absolute sucker for a coat – to me, they complete an outfit in winter […]

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What to Know About Commercial and Municipal Recycling

In today’s world of enhanced earth consciousness, most individuals, municipalities and companies of all sizes are aware of the need for recycling. In fact, in many states throughout the country, there are mandates about what types of products and by-products must be recycled. In some areas, fines are administered for non-compliance. Because of the ongoing problem of excessive refuse and […]

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808 Drum Machines

An 808 is a drum machine that is divided into hits and loops folder machine. The 808 usually refers to a special kind of drum machine called the Roland TR-808. The first one was created in the 1980’s in order to help other instruments stay in their harmonious pitches. Once the samples are mixed, they are stored into WAV files, […]

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