What is a smart dishwasher?

Have you thought about getting a smart dishwasher but are not sure exactly what it is? A smart dishwasher is connected to your home and has a lot more features than your standard dishwasher, including wi-fi connectivity and voice control. You may also be able to control it with your smartphone.

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What will a smart dishwasher do for you?

Smart dishwashers definitely have the standard dishwasher beaten when it comes to two areas. The features of a smart dishwasher make them a lot more efficient and flexible, which means that common issues such as stubborn stains and leftover food particles are a thing of the past. Smart dishwashers also have incorporated technological features that make them a modern must-have appliance.

Features of a smart dishwasher

The new technology used by smart dishwashers is what makes them so appealing in domestic settings; now, commercial dishwashers can be smart dishwashers in addition to domestic ones.

If you are interested in smart commercial dishwashers, make sure you are fully au fait with what are the benefits of commercial dishwashers before you commit to making the purchase.

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Let’s look at some of the features and capabilities of these must-have appliances:

– Connect your dishwasher to your smart home using wi-fi.
– Check the status of the cycle, monitor performance and start your wash cycles from anywhere with your smartphone.
– Unlock or lock the door using your phone for extra child safety.
– Use the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your dishwasher using your voice.
– The size of the load and how dirty the plates are is automatically assessed by the sensors, with the water and energy use adjusted to suit the load.
– Some models have built-in detergent dispensers that will automatically add detergent to your wash and send an alert to your phone when you are running low.
– Receive alerts on your phone when the cycle has finished washing or if the dishwasher suffers a leak or malfunction.

Smart dishwashers are completely different from the models we have been using for the last two decades. They could take some getting used to; however, with all their features and capabilities, smart dishwashers are likely to be this year’s must-have appliance.


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