808 Drum Machines

An 808 is a drum machine that is divided into hits and loops folder machine. The 808 usually refers to a special kind of drum machine called the Roland TR-808. The first one was created in the 1980’s in order to help other instruments stay in their harmonious pitches. Once the samples are mixed, they are stored into WAV files, […]

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Four Reasons NBA Games are Epic Events

October marks the official beginning to the NBA season. Fans all across the nation unite in a shared love of basketball. No matter which team you root for there are many reasons to go see a game live and experience the action first-hand. See the nation’s best players compete for the season’s championship. From delectable concessions to top-notch gameplay each […]

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Essential Information on Costs, Earnings, and Savings on Solar Panels in the UK

As you are probably aware, solar panel systems can help save a lot on your electricity bill each month. It’s a sustainable and renewable source of energy which has become more prevalent as we realise the importance of sustainability in today’s world. What’s more, solar panel systems don’t require direct sunlight so that they can work – which is a […]

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