The rising cost of UK airport drop-offs

According to recent studies, being a good friend or family member by collecting a loved one from the airport could cost you more than you bargained for.

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Everyone knows that airport parking can be expensive, but it seems that even if you’re able to arrange a lift, some airports charge even for short stay pick-up and drop-offs, with London Stansted charging £25 for a 30-minute wait and £3.50 if you stay for just 5 minutes! Southend isn’t much better, with charges of £4.50 payable after 10 minutes.

The most expensive airports include Edinburgh, Stansted and Luton, charging £10, £8.50 and £8 respectively for just 15 minutes of parking!

Free parking

Although airport parking is expensive, most airports offer cheaper drop-off, pick-up and long-term parking, but these are usually further away and require a shuttle bus or long walk to the terminal. If you’re heading away for a while and have a lot of luggage, this is far from ideal!

Valet services

If you’re planning on a long trip and can’t find somebody to help with drop-off or pick-up, many companies do offer some form of valet service to assist with parking and only a short stay in the busy, expensive areas. However, valet servicing comes with its own risks and can be an expensive service.

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Other risks

Separate to the general costs of parking, there are always risks when it comes to leaving your car in a public space. Issues such as theft and damage always run rampant when there’s a lot of people around and airports can be a breeding ground for crimes if you leave your possessions unattended.

Naturally, having car or motor trade insurance ensures you’re protected from most harm to your vehicle, although you should always check with your insurer before assuming you’re protected if you leave your car in a public space. can help you find the best deals for insurance covering a whole range of situations.

Check, don’t chance

RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis warns drivers to check parking fees and times before setting off to the airport in order to avoid pay machine surprises, and ensure they’ve checked arrival times thoroughly, bearing in mind the practicalities of disembarking from an aircraft may extend waiting times for collectors.

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