5 Facts That Make Pihone Better Than Android Devices

5 Facts That Make Pihone Better Than Android Devices

What are the basic criteria which you focus on before buying a mobile phone? Your requirement might be locked at various aspects covering the Operating System (OS), battery backup, camera and a lot more to mention. With the advent of high-end technology, we are now surrounded in a world that serves us with inventive mobile phone options from some of the famous telecom brands. Apple is one such company which has transformed the sector to reach the pinnacle with the worldwide demand for its different iPhones models. How different is an iPhone from an Android phone? The answer is- Immensely! The iPhone has been able to stupefy the global market for mobile handsets since its launch in early 2007. This particular variety functions on the iOS operating system which is owned and developed by Apple Inc. There are several benefits & unique features that are only available in iPhones, making it a preferred choice for tech-savvy customers.

Superior Hardware and Software Integration Apple surely created a rage with the introduction of the 3D touch feature with its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This 3D Touch display can smartly sense pressure, which eventually permits you to carry out quick tasks from the home screen itself by pressing on the particular icon. Although Android phones have been capable of offering useful features for a very long time, this Taptic engine present in the latest iPhones turns out as an intelligent option. Moreover, the new Home button on the recently launched iPhone 7 also powers the Taptic engine with the flexibility to set the sensitivity level. Live Photos The camera quality of Apple phones is rated to be superior without any doubt. However, the company has taken a bigger leap than Android devices with the launch of its most compelling and exquisite camera feature called Live Photos. This element allows the user to capture video and audio just before and after you grab the shot. To animate and playback the image, just long press on the screen. It should be known that different Android phones have tried similar features, but Live Photos is simpler to use. Stress-Free Phone to Handle Though Android phone manufacturers have worked onto offer enhanced features with the OS as well as the appearance of its phones; the iPhone still remains the coolest and easiest option. With iPhones, there is no separate app drawer along with the non-existence of annoying overlays. Over the years, features such as Siri have grown wonderfully to make the user experience fruitful and streamlined. Moreover, with iOS 10, iMessage and Siri are now actively open to developers, along with the presence of customizable widgets present on the Today screen. Availability of Hottest & Topmost Apps Both iOS and Android manage more than 1 million apps on their respective stores. However, in actual comparison, the iPhone is chosen by developers as the perfect launch platform for the striking new apps. One of the most classic examples is related to Instagram. It took two years for this photo-sharing app to debut on Android after its launch for Apple mobile phones. Similarly, there are other apps which took months to shift from iOS to Android, such as the video streaming app Periscope. Family Sharing

With Apple, one is blessed with an option of Family Sharing which functions to ‘save’ on a lot of levels. With the presence of this feature, a family comprising of up to six people can share purchases from the App Store. It is important to note that, when you have made the actual subscription and other member wants to make a purchase, an alert would be sent to you for confirmation. This is effective to keep a check on the various downloads and safeguard yourself from bizarre bills. Apart from this, other Family Sharing features cover a shared calendar, shared photo albums and the ability to check where your kids are using the map. However, family sharing is not easily accessible on any of the Android devices. Still in a daze? Yes, iPhones have developed a strong market on a global level which is slowly gaining pace with the introduction of its newer models. The above-mentioned features are laudable in terms of offering customer satisfaction as well as accessibility to modern technology.

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