How to Optimize Windows For Better Working?

How to Optimize Windows For Better Working?

Whenever you get a new system, it has always better performance and responds very fast. However, after sometime when you start installing different applications, games, music files, documents, etc, in your system, they will start filling up the space of your hard drive. There are many factors that make Windows slow; however, you can restore its original speed by performing various functions on your system. Those who are facing any issue related to their Windows OS and want to speed up their gadget immediately can contact at Windows support number UK. Here are some tips that you can follow to speed up your system: Optimize Speed With Performance Troubleshooter

Performance troubleshooter is a unique tool that will automatically find and fix the issues on your Windows OS. This tool detects issues that might slow down your computer speed. It detects how many users are connected or logged onto the system and find out whether multiple programs are running at the same time. To start troubleshooting tool, click on Start button, go to Control Panel. Now you can type troubleshooter in the search box and click on troubleshooting. Finally, under “System and Security” click on “Check for performance issue”. Delete Startup Programs The major reason behind PC takes too long to start is because of different utilities you have installed on your system. These startup programs automatically run when you turn-on your device and utilize the space that operating system needs. Therefore, it is always recommended that one should delete these unwanted programs to restore these wasted system resources. Even if you have installed utilities like memory scanner, disc cleanup and backup tool on your system, they also contribute towards its slow working, these utilities often run automatically at startup. Also, when you buy a new device or computer it might have software that you did not order. This software includes a trial version that companies hope you will try and might find them useful. If these software are unwanted, then you must delete them, as if you keep this software on the system, they will make your computer slower. Stop Fragmentation The user must defragment their PC’s hard disk; fragmentation is a process that makes the hard disk do extra work that is why it slows down your system speed. Defragmentation rearranges fragmented data so that the disk can work more efficiently, one can easily defragment the hard disc manually. To know more you can contact us at Windows customer support number UK. Perform Disc Cleanup Disc cleanup helps in removing temporary files, empties the recycle bin and items that are no longer needed on your system by this it speeds up the program and which should be revised on regular intervals to clean up junk files.

Run Fewer Programs At One Time The user should run only required programs on his/her system. Running dozens of the application at the same time can cause the slower speed and unwanted technical hang ups of your Computer. These are some points that user must keep in mind while using the computer. Also, to enhance the speed of your device you can add more memory to your system, change the size of its virtual memory and must use a right cyber solution.

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